About Us

The Smoovie Team

We are an experienced team based in London and HK who have designed, developed and delivered products on a global scale. We know how to bring innovative ideas to life and take them to market.

Our product designer Alex Kalogroulis has worked on many innovational designs. In his early years he worked alongside British Inventor Sir Clive Sinclair on the award-winning A-Bike which is displayed in London’s Design Museum. Alex has also led design on other products like Sea Scooters and Smart Touch kitchen gadgets. He also teaches future designers on the Innovation Design Engineering master’s course at London’s Royal College of Art.

The Production Factory

In January this year Alex travelled to China to discuss the manufacture of the Smoovie project with factories the team had long term relationships with already. After comparing the quality of prototypes produced and manufacturing processes, a selection was made.

We are confident that the manufacturer we have chosen is best suited to help us get Smoovie ready for mass production so that we can deliver a product that satisfies our requirements and more importantly that you’ll be happy with.