6 inch ring light

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6 inch ring light

The ease and convenience  

Our 6-inch ring light is so small and lightweight it literally fits in your pocket! See our blog post on how it is pocket-sized right here. The use of LEDs has helped this and one of the main benefits of Smoovie ring lights is the portability aspect.

What happens if I want to bring my ring light to work or elsewhere? 

Due to the small size of the 6-inch ring light, it can be easily folded away and put in a briefcase or even laptop cover. Have a look at this video to see it being unpacked by someone needing it for their Zoom call at work. As you can see, they take up very little space and are really easy to set up. Additionally, they are powered by USB which makes them even more convenient!

What can I use it for? 

There are many uses of Smoovie ring lights. Tiktok, work conferencing on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, video and content creation, Facetime, you name it!

How much does one cost? 

The Smoovie 6 inch ring light costs only £14.99 direct on our website! We also offer FREE UK delivery and next day delivery for orders placed before 3pm. Get yours now by clicking here.

We also sell our products on Etsy and you can view our Etsy Shop right here.

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will explain some of our latest offers!

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