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selfie ring light


Do you want the best selfie ring light?

Why is the Smoovie Flexi ring light best for selfies? The instant advantage of the Smoovie Flexi ring light for selfie photography is that the product provides a clip anywhere, instant studio. It is a flexible light with a phone holder and easy to set-up. With a non-slip desk clip, you can take the best selfie anywhere in your home. The best selfie ring light!

How do I angle it?

The product can be easily angled due to its flexibility. You can have your phone wide or close to the light for your selfies.

What is the main benefit of a Smoovie Flexi ring light?

The main advantage of having a Smoovie Flexi ring light is that it is not fixed to any one place. Unlike the ring lights with their attachable tripod, the Flexi can be clipped to a chair, desk, or shelf! See it in action right here. James Artauis from Digital Camera World mentioned how this is one of the key advantages of the Flexi selfie, the fact that does not take up any room on your desk! As a tripod is often quite wide in the legs, for the light to sit well, it means that it reduces the amount of space available for the user to work with. Follow the link below and scroll down to No.8 until you reach the Smoovie Flexi selfie to read all of his thoughts: 

How much does the Flexi selfie cost?

Again this ring light by Smoovie is very affordable with a price of only £15.99. Not only is it suited for selfies but also vlogging, due to the portable aspect of the product. Make sure to check it out in our Shop!

Smoovie ring light

LED Ring Light, a Dimmable Lighting Kit for Phone and Selfie with a Tripod. A Makeup Light for Youtube Live Stream Tiktok Zoom.

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