Cheap ring light

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cheap ring light

Buy a cheap ring light

  • Most LED ring lights are too expensive and said to be overpriced! Smoovie solves this problem, designing high quality and affordable ring lights for all. Tiktok, video and content creation has never been better!
  • Smoovie prides itself on having very price competitive ring lights.
  • Take a look yourself at our ring light range by clicking here.


Are Smoovie ring lights cheap?

  • When the word “cheap” springs to consumers’ minds, automatic thinking is low quality, simply because of the low price. Yes, we at Smoovie can offer you a cheap ring light. However, that is definitely not to say our ring lights are of low quality! Smoovie ring lights – great ring lights, great prices!


Which ring light should I buy?

  • Our LED ring lights start at just £14.99 for the 6-inch size. If you want a bright and cheap ring light buy our 6-inch!
  • If you want something more than just a bright light, our colour ring lights will assist you with that. They are more expensive but offer some amazing additional features! With 16 colours and multicolour wheels, they can be used for mood lighting, as well as party and disco lighting. They can also be set to a normal bright light for Zoom and Selfies just like our other ring lights.
  • The colour stream edition starts at £19.99 for the 6-inch size.
  • Our Youtube video shows a tutorial of each different version in action. Check it out right here.



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