Covid masks

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DIY face coverings and bandanas

We supply covid masks. “Cloth masks and DIY bandanas are useful for lessening the spread of the virus caused by cough droplets and sneezes, but they do not stop inhalation of virus particles”. Countries such as Germany and France are now requiring everyone to wear high-grade filtration masks. In summary, ineffective face coverings are no longer acceptable.

Covid masks

If we really want to protect ourselves we have to wear effective, high filtration FFP2 (filtering facepiece) or disposable medical grade 3-ply.

Mayhem face coverings

Mayhem has striven to supply everyone with masks to maximise protection from COVID-19. Today’s Daily Mail article outlined how the Mayor of London is now considering introducing a tightening of rules regarding masks, to help combat  t the spread of the new virus variant. The article emphasises that medical-grade masks should be worn, which Mayhem sell!

Disposable surgical masks

These have been described as the best possible option, which Mayhem sell. Take a look here in our Shop section to see what we offer. We also provide filters.

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