LED ring light

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LED ring light

What can you do with an LED ring light?

There are lots of activities associated with our ring lights. For example, Smoovie introduced a range of lighting to be aimed at the Zoom and Tik Tok market. Other uses include disco lighting and vlogging. Our LED ring light range is designed to be affordable from £14.99 – £29.99 and not to look unattractive or clunky in the bedroom or home office. Professional lighting is usually quite bulky but LED ring lights have changed this. We offer a unique colour version which is truly fabulous! You can take a look at our colour version by clicking here.

Photography lighting is heavy and large, what is different about Smoovie ring lights?

They are designed to look attractive and portable featuring a special, slick all-metal tripod. The tripod acts as a stand for your LED ring light, both of which are lightweight. James Artauis outlines in his recent ring light review that, “The clunky fluorescent bulbs seen in years past are gone as, the best ring lights today are powered by LEDs – making them much cheaper, more compact and more versatile.”  You can read more about his review later in this blog and also find a direct link to it. As the dark evenings appear quickly, they are perfect for that “Hollywood” look during the cold, foggy winter. The reason they were designed to be portable is that they are needed for work purposes and users like to pack them in their office bags. The main benefit of Smoovie ring lights is their portability and versatility aspect.

Click this link to read a 5-star customer review on Amazon and how they mention that Smoovie ring lights bring “versatility”. The team is extremely pleased to read the line “this ring lamp is the exception” written by a happy customer!

Using the product

Smoovie ring lights are powered via USB and arrive packed with the ring light and attachable tripod. Customers have left reviews saying power banks are useful to connect their ring light to. We decided to launch a special deal for the New Year by including a free power bank with every ring light purchased in our Etsy shop. Hurry though, this offer will not last forever!

Our different versions

We currently have five different LED ring lights in stock (the 6-inch ring light, 8-inch ring light, Flexi Selfie ring light, 6-inch colour ring light and 8-inch colour ring light). Our colour ring lights both feature RGB and we are also stocking the 8-inch with a phone holder as a separate line! Check out each of our versions in our Shop by clicking here.

How bright are they?

Considering a LED ring light is powered by USB, the brightness is really impressive! Check out this video to see for yourself. The great thing is that the brightness can be adjusted to 10 various levels, so there is sure to be an optimum level for everybody! If your photos and videos are not meeting their expectations, buy yourself a Smoovie ring light.

Smoovie ring light

LED Ring Light, your Dimmable Lighting Kit for Phone and Selfies Tripod Makeup Light for Youtube Live Stream Tiktok Zoom.

The team at Smoovie takes pride in supplying the best ring lights and our special colour stream edition is unique in the UK, with amazing features. We also take pride in offering great value by providing affordable yet high-quality ring lights.

Our tripods

We supply two types of tripod: A 5 section adjustable tripod and also a 2 section adjustable tripod. The angle of the ring light can be fixed by adjusting the ball joint, loosening then tightening the screw adjuster. After you have done this, the angle of the 2 or 5 tier legs can be fixed by tightening or loosening the lower ring adjuster. Once tightened there is no slippage! This means your ring light sits perfectly on your desktop with no movement. If it is wobbly or falling over then the lower ring adjuster is not tightened enough.



LED ring light review

The team at Smoovie is very grateful for James Artaius from Digital Camera World including our ring lights in his “Best ring light in 2021: beautiful lighting for vlogging, video calls and selfies” review article. As the current ring light market is so competitive, it is fantastic to see that a professional photographer has mentioned Smoovie ring lights as being some of the best! James included our colour stream version and our Flexi Selfie version in his review. You can find out more about the review below and also find the direct link to it at the bottom of this blog post.

Colour stream RGB

“Add a splash of colour to your videos and images”. This is the main benefit raised by James during his review of our special colour edition! Also, he outlined how the colour stream is brilliant for mood and disco lighting. You can read all about our “party ring light” blog post by clicking here. In this post, we talk about how our colour ring lights can light up your whole room! Never have a dull birthday party again.


Flexi selfie ring light

James mentions how our Flexi Selfie version is practical and addresses the issues of limited desk space. You may have gathered this from the name “Flexi” but many Vloggers and Youtubers struggle to find surface space big enough to hold a tripod as their laptops are in the way. Our Flexi Selfie ring light solves this problem for you! By having a flexible and angle adjustable arm, it maximises the size of your workspace. Smoovie (Mayhem UK) would like to pass on a massive thank you to James and the team at Digital Camera World for rating our Flexi Selfie as the “Best mount-anywhere ring light that can also hold your phone”. We are very privileged to have our ring lights rated so highly by the famous photography magazine Digital Camera World!



You can read all of the (James Artauis) Digital Camera World review by following the link below or clicking right here.


Smoovie LED ring lights – great quality ring lights, low prices.

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