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picnic blanket

Mayhem picnic blanket!

The insulated cool bag transforms into your own personal eating space and picnic blanket! Cold drinks and fresh food!

Why should I buy one?

We call it the “Lunchy” perfect for school and the office. The insulated bag keeps food fresh and drinks cool for up to 6 hours. It opens up into a hygienic personal eating space or into a little blanket to sit on – you decide! Hygienic and easy clean wipe down inside and out.

With lockdown restrictions hopefully easing towards Easter, in time with the warm weather arriving, a Mayhem bag2rug is your answer to outside enjoyment and freedom! The bag is 16 x 24 a 17 cm and the eating space is 57 x 51 cm.

Three sizes of the picnic blanket! Small is the “lunchy” then a medium and a large rug for up to four people!

As people continue to say how they cannot wait to get outside this summer, after a year of the pandemic, Mayhem would like to share how brilliant their cool bag will be! It is still only February and the weather remains cold but why not read about Bag2rug now so you can hear how fantastic it really is, the world’s first fold-out cool bag. We are excited to get bag2rug to our outdoor-loving customers! If you like picnics, birthdays, celebrations, festivals and garden parties then this is the product for you and all of your friends. Don’t forget to watch the video!

Social distancing

The Mayhem Bag2rug cool bag is suited to social distancing! For example, if you are in the park with friends for a picnic, each with your own rug! Research has shown that picnics are becoming more and more popular each summer. Have a read of this link for some UK picnic facts:


Summer picnics with a picnic blanket

Who wants a warm picnic? Nobody!

Mayhem bag2rug cool bag is your go-to quicknic! The last thing you want is to arrive at the park after being on the train to see that your picnic is not fresh, and your drinks have turned warm. Bag2rug cool bag ensures this never happens! Keeping your items cool for up to 6 hours.

Soon to be launched right here on www.pocketsmoovie.com – but check it out in our Etsy shop for now. Our special 30% SALE offer will not last for long!

Lockdown easing

With the recent news of the BIG PICNIC DAY on March 8th, everyone is busting to get outside and enjoy some lockdown easing. With the slight warming of temperatures and lengthening of daylight sunshine, why not take a look at Mayhem’s picnic rug! Our large size has more than enough room for you and a pal whilst keeping at a social distance.

Product features

  • Mayhem picnic blankets are all waterproof!
  • Flat blanket for lunches and picnics with an insulated square in the middle. The purpose of the foil insulation is to keep your drinks cool and/or food warm!
  • Practical, stylish and attractive with a striped design.
  • Fleecey type inner material providing lots of comfort for the user.
  • External bottle holders for extra space!
  • Triple-layer insulation to keep drinks cool and/or food warm.

The need for Mayhem’s Bag2Rug picnic blanket

The idea of Bag2rug came about when somebody’s picnic food turned warm! Whilst the hot summer weather in London is enjoyable and makes for a great day out with friends, nobody wants to turn up at the park with warm sandwiches or drinks. With outdoor sporting events and entertainment hopefully returning this summer, park up on a lawn and watch your favourite sport on the big screen with Mayhem’s picnic blanket!

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