RGB colour ring light for party and disco

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party ring light

Mood lighting with a Smoovie colour ring light

Give your living room a glow with a Smoovie colour ring light! Great for mood lighting and home disco purposes.

• Multicolour changing ring light.
• 6 inches 12 cm
• 8 inches 20 cm
• Our fabulous multicolour edition Ring Light, with 16 colours and 9 light modes.

• Colour changing LED light. 3 White Light tones, natural, warm, soft.
• Mood lighting, party, videos, zoom, selfies and make-up, whatever you fancy!
• Including pulse, solid, spin. 6 colour wheel! White strobe for home disco.
• Light and portable, with all white parts and a special rose gold tripod.

Throw a party with a Smoovie colour ring light

If you are in the mood to party and it is a friend’s birthday soon then the best option is to buy a Smoovie LED colour ring light! RGB solid colours with pulse, chase and spin features. Never have a dull disco party again! Watch a video of the party ring light here.

What else can I do with a Smoovie colour ring light?

Aside from disco and party lighting, our ring lights can be used for Tiktok videos, vlogging, Facetime, Whatsapp, makeup tutorials and whatever you fancy! The colour edition has all the same functions as the regular ring light.

How much does a Smoovie colour ring light cost?

The 6 inch is just £19.99 and the 8 inch is £24.99. Have a look at the Lights section in our Shop where you can see all of our ring lights. Not to mention free UK delivery, go and buy yours here!

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