Ring light for iPhone

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ring light for iphone

A must-have for your iPhone and any other smartphone really!

  • Ring light for iPhone became a huge talking point in 2020, with many bloggers and vloggers taking to the internet to share how they can be used for content and video creation. This trend is definitely set to continue being spoken about in 2021! The work from home lifestyle is also continuing to grow and expand.


Where can I buy one?

  • Shop with us at Pocket Smoovie right here by visiting our ring light section. Very affordable ring light prices and also FREE UK next day delivery with orders placed before 3 pm. Smoovie ring lights! Great quality and very affordable.


Which Smoovie ring lights are suited to iPhone?

  • We have a range of products specifically suited to ring light for iPhone. Including our top seller Flexi Selfie ring light (phone holder attached to the flexible arm, click here), 8-inch vlogger ring light and 8-inch ring light with phone holder! All of our ring lights can be viewed by clicking here. Alternatively, click here to have a look at our Etsy shop. Sales for our Flexi Selfie ring light have been the best for our ring light range recently, thanks to James at Digital Camera World. James included our ring lights in his blog post. You can read all of this post by following this link!


What happens if I do not want to use my phone?

  • The great thing about our ring lights is that the phone holders are only there if you want them! Easily taken off, your ring light can be used for anything else. For example, our Flexi Selfie ring light can be used regardless if your phone is attached to the holder or not. Customers have said they are a great desk light as well, easily clipping onto the side of your desk! You can also clip it to your laptop, chair, counter or even your shelf!

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