Tiktok ring light

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Tiktok ring light

Natural lighting for Tiktok ring light

There is always the question of “why can’t I just use natural light for Tiktok?” Morning sunlight is often the only time when natural lighting is enough for high-quality Tiktok ring light videos. Yes, it is the best source of light and obviously free to use but unfortunately, it’s not around all day! This is where Smoovie LED ring lights play their part.

What makes a ring light suitable for Tiktok?

Smoovie ring lights provide ample lighting for Tiktok videos and social media content creation. Of course, everybody wants their lighting to be as best as possible, for their content to be as best as possible, right? A Smoovie ring light provides even lighting across the user’s face without any shadows. Our customers have said the functionality is useful as well!

Is a ring light not often too bright?

The useful and great feature of Smoovie ring lights for Tiktok is that they are dimmable. This allows the user to be in control of their lighting, providing a custom light environment if you like. With ten levels of adjustable brightness and a user-friendly control pad, you will definitely find your perfect brightness level!

How do I hold my ring light still for Tiktok?

You don’t need to worry about Smoovie ring lights wobbling around or falling over. You need a ring light which is stable to your desk or table and all of our ring lights come with an attachable tripod stand, starting from just £14.99. Of course, you can buy a ring light stand or tripod on their own to stabilise your ring light. A cheap stand costs around £14. Our 6-inch Smoovie ring light costs just £14.99 which already comes with a tripod! Not to mention free UK delivery as well! Visit our shop now for your Tiktok ring light.

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