TikTok ring light

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Tiktok ring light

Natural lighting for TikTok ring light

There is always the question of, “why can’t I just use natural light for TikTok?” well yes if only it was as simple as that! Luckily, the team at Smoovie are helping you out with this.

Morning sunlight is often the only time when natural lighting is enough for high-quality TikTok ring light videos. Yes, it is the best source of light and obviously free to use but unfortunately, it’s not around all day! Especially at the moment when the days are (very sadly) at their shortest. This is where Smoovie LED ring lights play their part in tackling the issue of limited light.

What makes a ring light suitable for TikTok?

Smoovie ring lights provide ample lighting for TikTok videos and social media content creation. Of course, everybody wants their lighting to be as best as possible, for their content to be as best as possible, right? EVERYBODY needs good lighting and a Smoovie ring light provides even lighting across the user’s face without any shadows. There is no need to empty your bank account, as Smoovie ring lights are of great quality and more importantly, affordable. Our customers have said the functionality is particularly useful as well (featuring a super-easy user-friendly control)!

Things to consider when choosing a ring light

  • Versatility (can you angle or move your light around the place?)
  • Portability (can you pack it away and put it in your suitcase for the office?)
  • Lighting adjustability (is it dimmable?)
  • Functionality (is it easy to use?)
  • Brightness

Are they not often too bright?

The useful and great feature of Smoovie LED ring lights for TikTok and content creation is that they are dimmable. This allows the user to be in control of their lighting and the situation/environment, providing a customised light environment if you like! With ten levels of adjustable brightness and a user-friendly control pad, you will definitely find your perfect brightness level! Additionally, there is an option/choice of three light modes, including white, warm and soft to blend in with natural sunlight.

How do I hold my ring light still for TikTok?

You don’t need to worry about Smoovie LED ring lights wobbling around or falling over. You need a ring light which is stable to your desk or table and all of our ring lights come with an attachable tripod stand, starting from just £14.99. Of course, you can buy a ring light stand or tripod on its own to stabilise your ring light. A cheap stand, just on its own costs around £14. Our 6-inch Smoovie ring light costs just £14.99 which already comes with a tripod stand! This is without mentioning that we offer free UK delivery as well! Visit our shop now for your Tiktok ring light.

Flexi Selfie version for TikTok


Best suited to TikTok content and video creation, this light holds your phone in the fixed arm so that you have full use of your hands and do not need to worry about a wobbly video. Are you thinking about selfies with your ring light? Well, right now we are offering a FREE PHONE RING with every Flexi Selfie purchased from our Etsy shop. Follow the link below to buy yours! Hurry though, this deal will not last forever…


The team at Smoovie want to help those who need the best lighting for their TikTok, as we know that natural sunlight is not always the answer. We offer cheap and affordable ring lights so that you can obtain this level of light easily and conveniently! With all five versions of ring light in stock, there is at least one for everybody. If you are interested in ring light wholesale and based in the UK, give us a call on 0208 752 1499 and we would be happy to post samples. Smoovie is currently the only UK based wholesaler with RGB colour changing ring lights.

Colour stream version for TikTok


Our “one of a kind” colour stream edition can be used as a party and disco light. The reason we say “one of a kind”, is because as mentioned, we are currently the only UK wholesaler distributing colour changing RGB LED ring lights.

If you need to add a dash of colour to your TikTok videos then this is the one! Uses include Zoom, TikTok, Instagram Live, Microsoft Teams, Facetime and Whatsapp video call. You can find out more information on our colour stream ring light by reading the blog post right here. This blog post describes how the colour stream can be used for party, disco and mood lighting! Featuring a special multicolour wheel, it really is fantastic! We don’t mean to bang on and be tiring about it (or do we) but Smoovie ring lights are really quite something… go for one! Your TikTok posts and content creation will never be below par again.

Thanks for tuning into this blog and reading all about our ring lights for TikTok. We hope you enjoyed reading and received some useful information. As a thank you, we will share a link below that brings you to our Colour Stream edition on Etsy. You can get your hands on a FREE 3000mAh POWER BANK worth £8 (a bit of a crazy deal if you ask us but we love pleasing our customers)!


(We may as well mention that you can get a FREE power bank with our non-colour ring lights too! But hurry, this deal won’t last forever!)


  • Smoovie ring lights are great for TikTok! They provide sufficient lighting when there is a lack of natural sunlight available.
  • They can really help users with their content creation during the winter months, as the days are shorter and darker.
  • The Flexi Selfie version holds your phone steady in the fixed holder. It also comes with a FREE glitter phone ring if shopping on Etsy!
  • The Colour Stream edition can be also used for disco and party lighting. It also comes with a FREE 3000mAh power bank if purchased on Etsy!
  • All Smoovie ring lights come with a user-friendly control pad.

Smoovie LED ring lights – great quality ring lights, low prices.

Call us on 0208 752 1499 for any questions!

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