Ring light tripod

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ring light tripod

Ring light tripod

  • All of our ring lights come with a tripod. The tripods are also detachable which means you can easily pack away your ring light tripod to keep in your laptop case, you can even bring it to work with you for Zoom calls.
  • We supply two types of tripod: A 5 section adjustable tripod and also a 2 section adjustable tripod.
  • The angle of the ring light can be fixed by adjusting the ball joint, loosening then tightening the screw adjuster.
  • After you have done this, the angle of the 2 or 5 tier legs can be fixed by tightening or loosening the lower ring adjuster. Once tightened there is no slippage! This means your ring light sits perfectly on your desktop with no movement.
  • If it is wobbly or falling over then the ring adjuster is not tightened enough.


Ring light leisure

  • For leisure, why not use your ring light tripod for Facetime or TikTok? Do not forget that Smoovie ring lights serve many purposes. We are here to suit your vlogging, content creation and home streaming needs.


Shop for our ring lights

  • Our Lighting section lists all of our amazing ring lights. Please follow this link to see for yourself!


Etsy deals

  • If you would like to see our exclusive deals on Etsy, go and check them out. Including free power banks and glitter phone rings. The perfect accessories for your ring lights.

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