Ring light with stand

By January 5, 2021January 7th, 2021Working from home
ring light with stand

Smoovie ring lights with their attachable tripod stand were the ideal product in 2020 for vlogging, selfies, Tiktok, Instagram, Zoom and general live streaming. From customer reviews they are set to continue capturing the work from home market in 2021. In addition, we as humans are using our mobile phones more and more every day, especially to document and capture what is going on around us. Buy a Smoovie ring light to take your perfect selfie or memorable video!

Why use a ring light with stand and how is it useful?

  • The stand attached to a ring light is extremely useful, sitting beside a webcam or tablet camera it is adjustable and stable with a strong build.
  • When the screw and bolt are tightened, the stand sits without any slippage.
  • Not to mention that Smoovie ring lights are dimmable, with three colour light modes including white, soft and warm.


Can Smoovie ring light stands be extended in height?

  • Yes, the multi-height tripod is 13cm when at its shortest and can over double in height to 28cm.


Can you use a ring light with stand for work purposes? 

  • Yes, ring lights are great for working from home. To watch a video of one being unpacked and set up, click here.


How tall can I make the stand?

  • The ring light stand can be extended up to 28cm.


What size of ring light can I buy?

  • Smoovie ring lights come with the sizing of 6 or 8 inches in diameter. There are currently five different versions, all in stock now!

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