Ring light for makeup

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ring light for makeup

As seen in Antasia Jobson’s review, ring lights provide a smooth, flattering light source without any shadows.

What makes Smoovie ring lights suitable for makeup tutorials?

Our NEW 8-inch ring light with an attachable phone holder is the most suited to makeup tutorials. Simply fix your phone to the holder, plug in your ring light to your laptop or power bank via USB and start your makeup tutorials! Don’t forget about selfie photography, vlogging or Zoom calls as well.

What are some of the main features of a Smoovie ring light?

  • You can increase or decrease the brightness with ten different levels.
  • Select your colour from one of three modes, while, soft or warm.
  • The ring light is USB powered.
  • They are fully adjustable.
  • Comes with a multi-height tripod with an extra-wide base.
  • Ideal for TikTok, Zoom, Youtube, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp Video, Facebook Messenger and more!


Does a Smoovie ring light really brighten up your look?

It really is amazing when you look at the difference a ring light can make. Have a look at this before and after video to see for yourself!

Are Smoovie ring lights affordable?

One of the highest searches under the category ring light, is “why are ring lights so expensive?”. Smoovie ring lights are affordable yet high quality, durable and easily moved around. Starting at only £14.99 for the 6-inch size, our 8-inch with phone holder is just £21.50! Next day delivery for all items ordered before 3 pm.

Find them in our shop here.

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