Stylish 8 inch ring lights for home working and home decor

By December 30, 2020January 13th, 2021Working from home
home working ring light

The New normal world means we need to transform our home environment into a professional well lit space. It is no longer OK to be seen peering out of a darkened closet. 8-inch Smoovie  LED ring light creates a balanced shadow-free light which is ideal for closeups.

The desktop Smoovie ring light 8 inch is perfect for video conferencing, chatting with friends or just applying makeup.

The 8-inch ring light can be used for all versions of videography. Including Youtubers Tiktokers and influencers.

The compact build of the 8-inch ring light makes it an ideal travelling companion. The tripod folds neatly into the unit and it weighs less than 300 gms.

So chuck out the clunky fluorescent bulbs and bring in the best value Smoovie 8 inch ring lights for less than £20.00.


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