The best ring light for vlogging

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Ring lights for Vlogging

The best ring light for vlogging is another question we get asked a lot. Vlogging is another fairly new term used for ring lights which really started last year in 2020. As more and more people worked from home, there was a much bigger need to look “presentable” whilst doing our home made videos and uploading them to various social medial channels. This is how the term vlogging was born and why we decided that we needed a particular type of ring light to help vloggers and so we launched our best ring light for vlogging.

The best ring light we have for Vlogging.

The best ring light we have for vlogging is again the 8 inch LED ring light. The 8 inch LED ring light for vlogging comes with all of the below standard features:

  • 1st Vlogging Ring Light feature: 3 x light colour modes: White, Soft and Warm
  • 2nd Vlogging Ring Light feature: 10 x adjustable brightness
  • 3rd Vlogging Ring Light feature: fully adjustable ring light and tripod with 360 degree light rotation
  • 4th Vlogging Ring Light feature: ultra compact with the tripod folding down making it the perfect ring light for travel
  • 5th Vlogging Ring Light feature: Remote control (wired) with increase and reduce brightness settings and colour modes
  • 6th Vlogging Ring Light feature: Multi height tripod allowing you to get that perfect angle on your ring light
  • 7th Vlogging Ring Light feature: Extra wide base ensures your ring light is sturdy on any surface
  • 8th Vlogging Ring Light feature: Ultra light – our ring lights aren’t heavy or bulky like the traditional ones
  • 9th Vlogging Ring Light feature: Powered by USB – means you just plug them into your USB plug
  • 10th Vlogging Ring Light feature: Power them up on the move too, just plug your ring light into a power bank

Best ring light for Vlogging – 8 inch Pocketsmoovie Vlogging Ring Light with phone attachment

The Vlogging ring light from features a handy phone attachment that effortlessly clips onto your phone so that you can have the perfect angle on yourself whilst you are filming to create that perfect vlogging video. The powerful vlogging ring light at 8 inches is also the biggest led ring light we have in our range so you can be sure that you will always be able to capture brightly lit and influencer like vlogging videos.

What’s the cost of our Vlogging Ring Light

Get our 8 inch Vlogging Ring light on sale now for just £19.99 direct from us at pocketsmoovie.

Or just click the below link so you can add our Vlogging Ring Light to the cart straight away!

Smoovie Ring Light 8″






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