The best ring light for Zoom

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best ring light for zoom

The best ring light for Zoom

A ring light for zoom or “zoomers” as we call them here, were the first people that we had in mind when we designed our popular ring light range.

The growing surge of people working from home (WFH) and having to use Zoom and Microsoft teams and other software devices to carry out virtual meetings for business and for family and friends was an area that we knew needed our help! It is for this reason that we knew we had to design a ring light for zoom and a ring light for Microsoft teams and ring lights for other virtual meeting needs.

Our Zoom Ring lights are light and compact

The Zoom ring lights that we launched look great. These aren’t your standard bulky and heavy ring lights but light and sleek which look great in any living room or hotel room. We mention hotel room because we know that people that use our ring lights for zoom don’t just use the ring lights in the home but also when they travel.

Zoom Ring light for travel

As a result, you will find that with our zoom ring lights they are not only mighty pleasing to the eye, but they are ultra travel friendly with the tripod legs folding compactly and the ultra slim light taking hardly any room in the suitcase or bag. The compactness of our zoom ring light is very important as with weight and size restrictions on most transport methods we wanted to ensure our zoom light could be packed and carried with ease.

The best Zoom ring light for working from home

The best ring light we have for Zoom for people working from home is the 8 inch 8 inch LED ring light. The 8 inch LED ring light for Zoom comes with all of the below standard features:

  • 3 x light colour modes: White, Soft and Warm
  • 10 x adjustable brightness
  • fully adjustable ring light and tripod with 360 degree light rotation
  • ultra compact with the tripod folding down making it the perfect ring light for travel
  • Remote control (wired) with increase and reduce brightness settings and colour modes
  • Multi height tripod allowing you to get that perfect angle on your ring light
  • Extra wide base ensures your ring light is sturdy on any surface
  • Ultra light – our ring lights aren’t heavy or bulky like the traditional ones
  • Powered by USB – means you just plug them into your USB plug
  • Power them up on the move too, just plug your ring light into a power bank

Best ring light for Zoom when travelling

As mentioned earlier the Zoom ring light isn’t just for working from home (WFH zoom lights) but also for when you are travelling and find yourself in a hotel or Airbnb and you need to look good for that zoom meeting! This is why we have also nominated our 6 inch Led ring light for zoom meetings when you are travelling as the small 6 inch led ring light for zoom weighs just  195 grams and can even fit into the back pocket of your jeans! Don’t believe us? Check out our next post the only Zoom ring light in the world that fits in your back pocket!

What’s the cost of our Zoom Ring Lights?

Get our 8 inch Zoom Ring light on sale now for just £19.99

Get our 6 inch Zoom Ring light on sale now for just £14.99 (that also fits into your back pocket!)

Both direct from us at pocketsmoovie.

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