The best ring lights in 2021

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best ring lights in 2021

We get a lot of questions regarding our led ring lights as we have six of them! But the most common of course is which is your best selling led ring light?

The simple answer is that there isn’t actually a best ring light that covers every situation. However we do have a best ring light that has been specifically designed to cope with the below situations:

  • best ring light for working from home?
  • best ring light for mood lighting?
  • best ring light for videos?
  • best ring light for zoom?
  • best ring light for selfies?
  • best ring light for make-up?
  • best ring light for travelling?
  • best ring light that looks good in the home?


Hopefully that explains just some of the different situations available where you may require a ring light. So the question is now, which of our ring lights works the best for the above different situations?

The first thing to know regarding all of our 6 different ring lights (apart from the flexi ring light) is that every ring light comes with the below features as standard:

  1. 3 x light colour modes: White, Soft and Warm
  2. 10 x adjustable brightness
  3. fully adjustable ring light and tripod with 360 degree light rotation
  4. ultra compact with the tripod folding down making it the perfect ring light for travel
  5. Remote control (wired) with increase and reduce brightness settings and colour modes
  6. Multi height tripod allowing you to get that perfect angle on your ring light
  7. Extra wide base ensures your ring light is sturdy on any surface
  8. Ultra light – our ring lights aren’t heavy or bulky like the traditional ones
  9. Powered by USB – means you just plug them into your USB plug
  10. Power them up on the move too, just plug your ring light into a power bank

In this post we are going to reveal the best ring for working from home (WFH), which coincidentally was one of the most popular new phrases of 2020 when it comes to ring lights!


Best ring light for working from home – 8 inch Pocketsmoovie Ring Light

Go large with your led ring light! We can reveal that the the best ring light for working from home is the pocketsmoovie 8 inch led ring light. This ring lights features all of the above standard features as well as a whopping 8 inch / 20cm Led ring light. With this Ring light you can guarantee that not only will it get the perfect lighting for you so that you don’t look gloomy and dark when you are working from home in your video calls, but it also makes a perfect lamp. All for just £19.99 direct from us at pocketsmoovie.








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