The smallest ring light

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smallest ring light

The smallest ring light in the world that fits in your pocket?

Our compact 6 inch ring light really does fit in your back pocket that is how small it is.

How did you do it?

We don’t wish to boast, but we shall! As a company we have over 20 years experience in making things not only smaller but also better! We were the first company to launch a pocket selfie stick and so it made sense that we were here again to launch a pocket led ring light.

Problem with traditional LED ring lights

They are big! Traditional LED ring lights were designed for big photo shoots with extra long annoying cables and bulky tripod stands. These styles fit in more with the 1980’s, but certainly not now in the 2020’s.

What we did with our Ring lights

That’s why when we designed our LED Ring lights we wanted to ensure that they are not only modern looking and sleek but also very 2020’s in that they are easy to set up, easy to carry and mostly importantly bright!

Super small and light

Our 6 inch LED Ring light is so small it really does fit into the back pocket of your jeans. During an age where your most important and expensive gadgets fit in your pocket we decided to ensure that your LED ring light also does. Not that this is the best way to carry your ring light, but we think this highlights pretty well how small our 6 inch pocket LED ring light and the tripod that folds into an ultra compact unit.

Weighing just 195 grams in total

The entire 6 inch led ring light weighs less than 195 grames, that includes the6 inch led ring light itself, the folding tripod and the remote control with USB cable

Tripod smaller than an iphone

When the tripod for the LED ring light is compact the tripod is less taller than a small iphone with a height of just 12 cm

What’s the cost of our Ultra compact 6 inch Ring Light?

Get our 6 inch Zoom Ring light on sale now for just £14.99 (that also fits into your back pocket!)

Both direct from us at pocketsmoovie.







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